More guest informations: How to connect iKentoo and aleno 

You can easily integrate the iPad cash register iKentoo into aleno. Your guest data and the POS data are then exchanged between both systems.

Follow these steps:

1. Under Menu -> Integrations you will see the Integration iKentoo

aleno restaurant reservatoin integration ikentoo.png

3. Choose login and enter your iKentoo login data


4. Now select your iKentoo pos

aleno restaurant reservatoin integration ikentoo select buisiness location.png

5. aleno is now connected to your iKentoo pos

aleno restaurant reservatoin integration ikentoo connected.png

6. Now activate aleno in iKentoo.

iKentoo will show the new entry for aleno under Configuration -> Settings -> Web extensions


7. You can now place the web extensions on any objects

In the example the web extension aleno was added to a window and the button aleno web extension.


8. Restart your iKentoo cash register

iKentoo will now show the button for aleno. Enter a reservation in aleno and assign it to a table. As soon as you start the web extension in iKentoo,iKentoo will show this and all other reservations.


Now you can seat the guests in iKennto with the button SEAT. The new guest status will also be displayed in aleno.

If a guest has paid, the status PAID will appear - as here in the example for Matthias Müller.

When Mr. Miller leaves, you set his status from PAID to CHECK OUT. The status will automatically be updated in aleno.

3 times a day the sales of all reservations are updated, too. You can also update the total sales manually at any time:  Menu -> Integrations -> Ikentoo -> button "Update sales volume”

aleno restaurant reservatoin integration ikentoo connected.png

The sales of the reservations are displayed in the reportIn, customer database relatIn, in the reservation form and as well as under customer profile -> Reservations tab.